FlyCraftMC Rules

Staff reserves the right to modify, make exceptions, or add to any of these rules at any time. 

The following will result in a perminent ban from our server:
     – Inappropriate or offensive username or skin
     – Hacking, cheating, or exploiting game mechanics of any kind
     – XRAY mods or shaders that give an unfair advantage
     – Any threat or attempt to DOX/DDoS/SWAT another player or server
     – Chargeback of store purchases
     – Automated programs or scripts (This includes Auto-Clickers!)
     – Lag machines or excessive mob spawning
     – Impersonating staff
     – Using stolen or hacked accounts
     – Encouraging other players to break rules
     – Ban Evasion

The following are expressly permitted on Flycraft:
     – Client-side performance improvement mods (i.e. Optifine)
     – Aesthetic modifications (e.g. Shaders mods)
     – Armor and effect status hud mods
     – Brightness and gamma adjustment mods
     – Laying a book or using tape on your mouse. (Note: NOT an autoclicker)
     – Minimaps

1. Always be respectful of other players and use common sense in chat
2. Please keep chat appropriate for all ages.
3. English only in public chat. Private messages in other languages are permitted.
4. The following is a list of PROHIBITED topics/items
     – Profanity
     – Vulgarity
     – Racism
     – Discrimination
     – Inappropriate comments
     – Sexual innuendos
     – Threats
     – Bullying
     – Personal attacks
     – Advertising other servers
     – Spammming
     – Politics
     – Bypassing the chat filter

1. The following is a list of PROHIBITED actions:
     – Griefing of any CLAIMED land! – Including
          – theft
          – damage to another players builds, general area, animals or other
          – Using water/Lava to cover or destroy a build
             NOTE: Unclaimed land is not protected!!!
     – Building within 100 blocks of another player without their consent
     – Continued unwanted behavior towards another player
     – Scamming
     – Asking for free stuff or begging for items
     – Inappropriate builds
     – Teleport Killing/Trapping